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Very interesting visual novel, I have to say the timers make everything much more stressful but also much more fun because you gotta choose FAST.

What I found really interesting is the sheer amount of things you can or cannot do during your time and also the interesting information we learn in each class (Also F math).

Overall a good game, I recommend it. (Even tho I only got one ending)

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Thanks for playing! We made it so you have multiple options to pick if you replay it. The current version has some bugs (impossible to get one of the endings and some broken cheats lol), but we'll update it after the voting period ends. Would highly recommend replaying it multiple times because there's a lot of stuff in there. 

Depending on how you play and your choices, the game changes dynamically based on your decisions, so we hope it makes for a more immersive and unique gaming experience for each player. 

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I've only done one ending so far, but this has managed to stress me out so much lol. I'm too used to playing Visual Novels with all the time in the world. My only immediate criticism would be to make the important objects stand out more. There was times when I was just randomly clicking to find things because the glow around them was too hard to see. Maybe that was just me not being observant enough. Overall well done for making this in only two weeks.

We wanted there to a little bit of a challenge to finding the objects ahaha. Especially since the rooms aren't the most decorated for a typical point-and-click.  But we will definitely consider that for future patches/works.

Thanks again for playing, and leaving a comment! :)